What is Leadership Coaching?

There’s So Much More to Leadership Coaching

Than You May Realize

The term “leadership coaching” can be a misnomer.

Too often people consider a leader as someone in a corporate environment, on a sports team or in the military.

But here’s the truth:

Leadership is influence.

You have opportunities to influence people every day. – your family, your friends, your vendors, your co-workers, everyone.  Even if you tend to be a follower, you still can influence others.

And there’s one person you have the power to influence more than anyone else.  This person follows your example in lockstep, marching to the beat of your drum and, for better or worse, will do anything you instruct it to do in virtually any situation.

This person is YOU.

As a leader of your own self, you hold all the cards and pull all the strings.  And as such, your ability to effectively lead yourself will have an incredible impact on your ability to be a leader for others in your life.

Self-leadership will help you to:

  •  Take the next step in dynamic living.
  •  Experience more zest, more enthusiasm.
  •  Taste success at its sweetest peak.
  •  Rekindle the dreams you cherish.                                                                                                                                                  

What a leadership coach can do for you is as boundless as your determination, desires and goals.

As a trained professional, I’ll help you to discover what has been lying dormant within you for years and gently coax it to the surface.

From there the two of us will shape those objectives and desires into reality.

Meeting weekly will help you focus and guide you toward achieving your goals in a quicker and more organized fashion.

A leadership coach co-creates your reality.


Here’s how it works:

The scheduled sessions –  more than likely an hour in length – are conducted over the phone.

You identify the areas that you are the most concerned about – career, family, spirituality, finances – and we’ll go step by step to gain clarity and to achieve the desired result.

I’ll ask you pointed, powerful questions – those chosen to elicit thoughtful responses and spur you on to action.

Then we’ll work to clear away the clutter in your mind and bring your powerful laser focus to bear on what you truly cherish in your life.

My questions spark options that you may never have thought of. They will take your life in the direction you knew it should have been going all along:   toward happiness, peace of mind, and contentment. With the help of a leadership coach, you’ll be well on your way to success – however you personally define it!

In a phrase: A leadership coach can give a beacon of light to your goals and dreams!

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