Introducing the only profile to receive a nomination for the Nobel Prize…

It’s the Life Value Profile, and it’s only being offered by a

handful of coaches around the world…

…and I’m one of them…

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  As obvious as this sounds it is surprising how many people continue to test this statement. 

How many times have you tried the same methods of discipline with your children or motivation with an employee only to yield the same results? 

How many times have you expected to succeed beyond expectations, to have a “record month” for sales or revenue, or to break a bad habit, only to fall short again and again?

Here’s the truth (read this carefully):

If you are looking to get a new result, you must first change your thinking. 

Any action initially begins in our thoughts, is then transferred from our head to our mouth and finally executed.  In order to change your thinking you must have a desire to change.  A paradigm shift needs to occur as a result of a new revelation.

The Life Value Profile is a tool that can help you do this.  It’s like an MRI of our thought process and provides a mirror image of our decision making methods.  This information allows you to actually see where your shifts in thinking need to occur.

Keep in mind, this is no run-of-the-mill self assessment test or personality profile. 

The Life Value Profile is an invaluable tool that scientifically gathers, organizes, and objectively lays out how you view yourself (your internal world) and your external world.  It shines a light of truth on areas of your thoughts that were previously hidden, and can reveal some startling facts about who you are and why you do the things you do.

Just imagine what you could do with this knowledge!

What it offers:

  • Objective, scientific profile of your thinking process  
  • A greater understanding and acceptance of yourself  
  • The ability to see where your mental blind spots are
  • A mirror of where your focus lies
  • A new perspective of your everyday world

Because we view the world from our own perspective we tend to pay attention to some things and leave others out.  Your Life Value Profile results will show you what areas you see clearly and the areas that are clouded or that you are not even aware of.  These are called mental blind spots.  Often these blind spots are the reason for stagnating success or complete failure.

The Life Value Profile is especially useful for the following purposes:

Discover strengths and weaknesses to help with career and life paths.

Executives, managers, and employers will find it useful for:

  Discovering the strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your team

  Identifying areas where additional training may be needed

  Organizing work teams and groups

  Measuring group morale

  Determining suitability for promotions and job reallocations

  Retaining existing employees

  In accident prevention

Counselors and therapists will find it helpful in:

  Identifying compatibility when matching potential partners in marriage

  Marriage counseling

  Preventive mental health programs

  Psycho- and Axio-therapy to guide the direction of treatment and to pinpoint results and   progress

Identifying stages of and facilitating moral and spiritual growth and development.

To take the Life Value Profile just order one of our coaching packages on the right side of this page to receive a user name and password. Coach Rick Olson will contact you for your review of the profile.


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