About Rick

Rick Olson Coaches with a Rare Passion and Desire that Gives Hope and Clarity to Professionals Worldwide

As a leadership coach Rick has come to realize that caring and thoughtfulness are pre-requisites.

  You must guide with a steady hand, a keen focus and an innate desire to help your clients succeed both personally and professionally. Rick Olson is a caring and thoughtful leader and coach. He has the incredible ability to communicate with people of all ages. His quiet, fun-loving and teasing disposition is warm welcome in any group. His depth of character, wisdom and insight allow him to take people to the next level.

  Growing up in a stable home and developing his faith in God at an early age gave him the foundation he needed to further his education and develop his leadership skills.  His   heart  of  compassion and love for people gave him manyopportunities to serve within the church and community. This may be anywhere from Youth Pastor, Administrator of a Private school, to Head Track & Cross Country Coach, Emergency Crises Treatment Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist and Speaker.

Several years after receiving his Masters in Christian Education, Rick’s desire to help people in an even more significant way took him back to graduate studies to get his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Beginning in 1990, as founder, owner and counselor at ACTS, Inc –  Associated Christian Therapy Services, Inc has earned him a reputation of bringing hope to families and marriages.

His more recent training in coaching through Transformational Leadership Coaching at Regent University in Virginia allows him to effectively transition into helping people move forward in life.

Rick embraces a healthy marriage and strong family values. He enjoys his wife Linda with whom he has been married to for over 26 years as well as a healthy relationship with their daughters, Melinda and Karine.

It’s not every day you get a chance to work with a coach of this caliber.  To set up a time to speak with Rick Olson about your own mission and goals just email him at info@coachtogrow.com.


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